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NEED HELP? 24/7 service +61 8 8984 4939

Bolt Tensioning

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Bolt Tensioning

Technofast Industries has been providing innovative and economical hydraulic
bolt tensioning solutions to industries around the world from it’s Australian base for over 20 years.

Hydraulic Bolt tensioners are Technofast’s speciality – we would encourage you
to view our exclusive EziJac range of bolt tensioners. Technofast Industries have a vast Product range to meet all requirements when it comes to bolt tensioning. Technofast’s exclusive bolt tensioners are a preferred tool within the International market coming in both manual, spring return, modular and dedicated models.


B2 EzJac Dedicated Size
B3 EziJac Spring Return/Modular CamNut
A4 EziJac Subsea
A4 EziJac Reaction Nuts
X2/Y2 2 Stage EziJac


EziTite Hydraulic Nuts
Standard Stroke or Long Stroke
Ultra High Pressure
High Temperature Resistant


EziTite Hydraulic Bolts
EziTite Bearing Setter
FastaJac Bolt Tensioner

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