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NEED HELP? 24/7 service +61 8 8984 4939

Conversion Calculator

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Conversion Calculator

All capacities and measurements are expressed in uniform values. The conversion chart provides helpful information for their translation into equivalent systems.

Force Conversion Calculator

From: To:
Units to be converted International Systems – S.I. Nm Imperial
1 Ft.lbs 1,356 1,000 0,138
1 Nm 1,000 0,738 0,102
1 kgf.m 9,807 7,233 1,000

Hydraulic tooling is used for a wide range of functions across a just about every industrial application imaginable during construction, maintenance, shutdown or demobilisation activities onsite. At Winnellie Hydraulics we specialise in the supply, repair, calibration and hire of this equipment to the oil and gas, mining and all other industries.

As a long term, dedicated Enerpac distributor and service centre Winnellie Hydraulics remain committed to providing our valued customers the best tooling, technical support and training to ensure safety, productivity and reliability in your work place.

Should you see value in the information provided, in proud partnership with Enerpac we can conduct Enerpac Safety Training next time we are on your site. Should you like to see more information please get in touch via [email protected]

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