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NEED HELP? 24/7 service +61 8 8984 4939

Gas Filtration

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Gas Filtration

Peco Facet Gas Filters is equipment designed to treat the gas coming from gaswells and also the sour gas in the treatment plants aimed for the removal of solid contaminants and slug liquids.

Peco Facet Gas Filters are simple and easy to maintain, normally supplied as skidswith all the instrumentation needed for the perfect control and maintenance forthe unit.

They cover a wide range of compatibilities and offer solids retention capabilities from 0.3 up to 750 micron, with efficiencies from above 99.5% to 100%. Flowrates up 300,000 scfm.

Built to AS code, Section VIII construction, stamped and certified or CE marked,constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel available in Australasia.

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