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Winnellie Hydraulics is renowned in the Top End as the go to hydraulics hire specialists servicing our local and regional customer all over North Australia. With our beefed up hire fleet we now have the largest arsenal in the business ready to service all your workshop and on-site needs with the options for:

Bolting Tools

  • Cassette Wrenches
  • Square Drive Wrenches
  • Nutsplitters
  • Flange Alignment Tools
  • Flange Spreaders
  • More

Lifting Tools

  • Hydraulic Jacks
  • 2 way / 4 way manifolds
  • Air, Electric and Manual Pumps
  • Gauges, Control Valves,
  • 2, 3, 4 & 8M Hoses
  • More

Regardless of your location, accessibility or power source we have a solution for your problem!

This hire fleet was formed as a resource for our customers that require a specialized solution without the headache and capital expense of purchasing which at times can be very expensive investment. Sometimes starting at $3000 for a simple jack/pump set onto upwards of $20,000 for a torque wrench a pump.

If you can’t justify these sorts of figures on equipment that could potentially go unused for months the hire is your solution. Hire also provides unrivalled availability as the need for this equipment rarely comes with much notice. Whether you need to press a bearing, lift a heavy load, undo a nut, tighten up a bolt, or anything in between we have it covered.

We are building on this fleet every week so if there’s something you need that we haven’t got well strive to provide a solution regardless of the challenge!

• Need you equipment upgraded, serviced or calibrated? Hire during downtime!

Loving the tool you’ve hired? Ask us about our Hire to Buy service.

 Got some stubborn bolts? Ask us about our Daily hire