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Offtake and Submarine Hoses



Offtake and Submarine Hoses

Bassi Offshore is fully certified to manufacture marine hoses in full compliance with OCIMF – GMPHOM 2009. Hoses can be manufactured from 6’’ to 24’’ ID (typically in 30’-35’and 40’ length, or different upon request). Pressure range is from 15 to 21 bar, in compliance with OCIMF. The hoses have been deeply tested and now are well referenced in the most known terminals (CBM, SPM, FSO, FPSO) on worldwide basis. In addition to applications in crude oil and petroleum products transferring and thanks to the collaboration with the R&D department of our parent company IVG Colbachini S.p.A., Bassi Offshore can be considered a worldwide leader in heavy duty and critical applications for every kind of fluid including products with high content of aromatics (para-xylene, reformate), methanol, ethanol, etc.

Bassi Offshores product range includes,

  • Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring (CALM) Floating
  • Catenary Anchor Leg Mooring (CALM) Submarine
  • Multi Buoy Mooring (MBM)
  • Tandem Mooring Floating Hose
  • Tandem Mooring Submarine Hoses
  • Tandem Mooring Reel Catenary Hoses

Winnellie Hydraulics work closely with Bassi Offshore to assist Australian clients with high quality offshore hose solutions. Feel free to contact us for a quotation or further information.

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