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• Ball valves – Trunnion mounted and floating ball, side and top entry, fully welded and dou¬ble block and bleed design, metal and soft seat.
• Butterfly valves – eccentric, double eccentric and triple eccentric designs.
• Check valves – swing, wafer (single disc and dual plate) and axial flow designs.
• Choke valves – for severe service control and isolation applications on wellhead and auto¬clave let down applications, inline or angle pattern designs available.
• Control valves – high pressure drop, critical control, high noise applications, severe service.
• Disc bottom outlet valves – suitable for sam¬pling, draining or chemical / steam injection into tanks or pipelines.
• Gas metering skids.
• Gate valves – slab gate and through conduit designs.
• Gate, globe and check valves – API 600 and API 602 designs.

• Gas metering skids.
• Gate valves – slab gate and through conduit designs.
• Gate, globe and check valves – API 600 and API 602 designs.
• HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection Sys¬tems).
• Instrument valves – gauge, manifold, DBB, mono flange and chemical injection designs.
• Knife gate valves – standard and custom de¬signed for severe service applications.
• Level gauges – glass and magnetic level gauges for boilers and tanks.
• Lift plug valves – severe service isolation valves, 3, 4 and 5 way options available
• Line blind systems – critical isolation zero leak¬age.
• Pig launchers and receiver valves.
• Plug valves – lubricated, PTFE sleeved and PFA lined designs.
• Strainers – Y, T, basket and temporary (witches hat) designs.

Double block and bleed valves | Winnellie Hydraulics


• Ball
• Plug
• Triple Offset

Butterfly Valves | Winnellie Hydraulics


• Rubber-Lined
• Teflon-Lined
• High Performance
• Triple Offset

Plug Valves | Winnellie Hydraulics


• HF Acid
• Lubricated
• Non-lubricated
• Teflon-lined

Control Valves | Winnellie Hydraulics


• V Port Ball Valves
• Globe Control Valves


We are leaders in the design and manufacture of subsea valves and have been trusted in support of critical subsea oil and gas applications since the late 1980s. Over 12,000 of our subsea valves have been designed, installed and are operating in some of the most aggressive service and environmental conditions. Subsea valve design is not a simple transition from a topside or onshore equivalent which is why experience counts. We design and manufacture valves and actuators for critical onshore, offshore and subsea applications in bore sizes from 1/2″ to 56″.

Bel Valves

DARCO Ball Valves

DARCO Ball Valves range consists exclusively of top quality floating and trunnion mounted valves for high performance on different kind of services and critical applications with special configurations, size 1/2″ to 36″, 150 lbs to API 10000 full and reduced bore, in carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex or other requirement for the oil & gas, mining and energy sectors.
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With now over 40 years experience, descote exports 80% of its products worldwide and remains a leader for bellows sealed globe valves for hazardous applications in the chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industries. descote is a medium size company, cultivating excellence thanks to the involvement of its founder and employees. The company brings the most adapted solutions to the problems encountered by its customers. Thanks to its involvement in the development of valves for the french nuclear industry, descote valves become a benchmark in terms of quality, reliability and safety throughout the world. With a network of offices and representatives in more than 30 countries, there is always a descote partner near your plant to rapidly address your valve issues.
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Douglas Chero was established in 1974 to meet the demand for high quality forged valves in the petroleum refining and production plants, offshore oil and gas fields, power industry, fertilizer, chemical and desalination plants all over the world.Production capacity soured from 3,000 pieces in 1974 to current 40,000 pieces per month in our new factory with modern state of the art machining facilities and manufacturing technology.
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Galperti GROUP

The Galperti in-house forging capacity and four generations of forging know-how supports the companys flexibility to design project specific packaging of multi valve configurations in a single integral forged bodied valve. The Galperti designs; monoflange, single valve and manifolded multi valves, provide a most effective solution to overall performance and optimization of weight and space considerations. All Gdesigns incorporate laboratory and field tested proven product design features. The G-BLOK valves are available in all materials and trims and are engineered for project specific application and specifications.
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Total solution of valve for petrolchemical, refinery, power plant , cryogenic service.
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Oliver Valves

Operating under three companies for over 35-years, Oliver Valves, Oliver Valvetek and Oliver Twinsafe have grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Instrumentation, Subsea and Pipeline valves for the global energy sectors. Specialising primarily in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries, we operate internationally across all regions, and have sales teams strategically located in countries all over the world. It is our mission to provide all of our customers with outstanding technical customer service, on-time deliveries and continued Engineering innovation.
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OMB Valves group

The OMB Valves group, headquartered in Cenate Sotto, Bergamo, Italy, is a diversified manufacturer of valves for energy industries. Founded by Mr Robert Brevi in 1973, OMB is a family owned and operator group which has become a globally recognised manufacturer of forged steel valves with manufacturing operations in Europe, Asia, and Middle East supported by a worldwide distribution network.
OMB Valve Specialists


We are a high quality Korean manufactuerer servicing oil & gas supplying the below valves,
1) Gate Valves
2) Globe Valves
3) Check Valves
4) High pressure steel
5) Full bore steel Valves
6) Forged steel valves for sour service (NACE)
7) Extend bonnet forged steel valves
8) Forged steel Cryogenic service Valves
9) Forged steel bellows seal valves
10) Jacket type Forged steel valves
11) Motor operated Forged steel valves
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Range of production includes valves from 1/2″ to 110″ with pressure ratio of ANSI 150 to 4,500 and API 2,000 to 20,000. A wide range of Subsea and Topside actuators is available to be matched to all the valves included in Petrolvalvesrange of production. Discover our products downloading the dedicated brochure.

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In the refineries, power plants, utilities and petrochemical/chemical process industries, PK cast steel valve have been regarded as of great importance about their excellent performance and reliability. By discriminatory blending of carefully selected materials combined with sound design and precision machining/assembly under strict quality controls, PK steel valve have gained general and wide acceptance. The products are manufactured in accordance with ASTM, ANSI, or other international standards

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Saccap is a leader in valve supply to the energy sector globally with our range including,

– Gate valves (solid or flexible wedge) & parallel slide,
– Globe & needle valve,
– Check valve (piston lift, ball or swing type),
– Ball valves (welded body),
– Floating ball valve,
– Trunnion mounted ball valve,
– Double block and bleed valve
– Monoflange.



Since its foundation on 1976 Starline has been focus only on production of Ball Valves in Forged Materials. After more than 35 Years the imprinting philosophy is still present and the base for the Company Grown and Success.